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Hi, I'm Leila,

I'm a german-afghan freelance graphic designer and I love clean, thoughtful design.

Through my experience with advertising agencies, publishing agencies, as well as worked as an in-house graphic designer for Kneipp Gmbh, I am able to navigate a range of perspectives to create the right visual design to fit your needs.

My background also includes print and digital advertisement design and I would be thrilled to create a digital or print design campaign that will represent your vision.

What else?

I am drawn to the different perspectives I gain from traveling and seek out adventures that expose me to different foods, cultures, and ways of life. From navigating agriculture and sustainable farming on several islands to volunteering with a monkey rescue agency,
to simply practicing mindfulness in quiet corners of the world –seeking new points of view through exploration is integral to my approach to design.

Check out my lates projects:

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